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While the writing world is in an uproar over several blogs about query letters and agents not sending response letters (read about it here), I’m pulling my hair out. Three days ago, I found out that the Pikes Peak writing contest is now open (details here). My cousin told me about this contest last year and I planned on entering it. Erroneously, I thought that the contest opened after the new year. My goal was to have a finished ms, in at least second draft form. I’m not finished with the first draft. I read the rules thinking that I would be able to finish by the November 15th cutoff, but I also have to have a synopsis. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That’s me screaming like a two year-old throwing a tantrum while I’m typing at my computer. My kids think I’m crazy and my husband knows I am. Watch out deadline I coming after you and you should be scared. Really scared.