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Okay, honestly it’s only the first draft, the one I label Craptastic. Why? Because it’s fantastic that I’m done, but the ms. itself is crappy. Aren’t all first drafts? Now that I’m finished there are a few things I wish I would have done differently and one of the very first is what my new fav blogger, Andrea Sokoloff, suggests: Index Cards.

Here, in her own words.

The idea is just to use a pack of index cards and write out all the scenes you know about your story already.  Just a simple one-line description, one scene per card. It can be as vague as:  “First kiss with love interest.”  Or – “Watch sunset together.”  Or – “Hero kills babysitter” or “House eats mailman” or “Heroine slips into alternate dimension”.

She guarantees that doing this will lead to more scenes. What  a great idea. I wish I would have thought of this, but I am going to try it for my next book. Yep, it’s already percolating in the back of mind and has been for several months. But first things first, as my mom always says, finish what you start.

What things do you do when first starting a manuscript?