Now that my manuscript is ready for the painful process of editing, I’m looking at an online critique group of mystery/thriller writers who want to share feedback with each other. So far, I’ve had as much luck as winning the lottery; in fact I might as well buy a ticket instead. I’ve tried one online group and that was a complete disaster as people reveled in the anonymity¬†with mean, unhelpful comments. (It wasn’t even my ms.) While I don’t want them to be like my mother (no offense mom), who thinks I’m awesome (right mom?), I’d like honest, helpful and tactful feedback. I cannot find this elusive group. However, I’ve¬†found two promising groups, one is Sisters in Crime (SinC), a nationally (maybe international) organization with bylaws and officers and the other is a yahoo group. I’m tentative about joining them for different reasons.

On the SinC website, I cannot find any sort of rules or guidelines for their critique groups and the one I’m interested in, has two different fees. I don’t want to pay them and then find out I made a bad decision.

As for the Yahoo group, I don’t know if I can trust them to not:

-steal the ms.

-provide feedback

-meet consistently

-be productive

There is another route, my local library. A bona fide writers group that meets once a month, I would like to go, but the night they meet conflicts with family obligations that cannot be changed.

I guess you can say I’m in a sticky position. What would you do or what have you done?