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 I am a worry wart by nature. I worry when it rains, when it shines and in between. I’ve tried to curb it, ignore it, attend a twelve step program for it (not really), but nothing works. It wiggles into my brain more often than I want to admit. So when I read the post on WD by J.M. Tohline, titled Your Job Is To Write, Not Worry, I wanted to kiss his feet. Seriously! It makes me feel better knowing that we all do it. Even my favorite published author, Harlan Coben admitted that he worries too and he is the first author to win the Edgar, Shamus, and Anthony. His advice: push through it and think positive thoughts. Well, I’m raising my water bottle to that, and when a negative thought arises, I’ll squash it with a positive one.

What do you do to squash negative thoughts?