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I read a blog article that stated, if you are writing a novel, you should read, read, and read. (I can’t remember who wrote this sage advice.) And it appears that the author isn’t alone in his/her thoughts. Lots of agents and editors say the same thing. So, I thought I’d add a Book Review category to the blog.

The book, I chose is, KILL ME IF YOU CAN, authored by James Patterson and Marshall Karp. I loved the premise of this story. It’s about a poor art student who finds a bag of diamonds, decides to keep them and now has to deal with the consequences which includes several assassins, dirty cops, and the Russian mob. The plot provides a thrilling ride (hence the Thriller genre), that makes you feel as if you are free-falling from a plane until the very last page where you finally find you can breathe again. I’d give the book four stars, except the sex is gratuitous and in some cases disturbing.

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