A couple of nights ago, my six-year-old son unscrewed a lightbulb from the lamp and then proceeded to touch the spot where it went. He received a shock when a jolt of electricity surged through his finger. When my hubbie and I asked him why, he said, “I wanted to see how it worked.” I briefly explained what electricity was and where it came from and why we don’t touch outlets, or lamps or anything that is connected to electricity.

I enjoy that he is my curious dude, the one who loves to read his body book that shows muscles, bones and organs. The one who asks how does that work, or what is that, or why did s/he do that? Now, he’s done a couple of things that make us shake our head, like stuffing a popcorn kernel up his nose because he thought his friends would find it funny…they did not. Thank Goodness. But more importantly he loves the mechanics of things, people, animals…the world. And because of him, I find myself examining the world differently, something that I seem to have lost as I grew older, more cynical. He has literally jolted me awake and this different view has shown me that the world is a fascinating place filled with intriguing people, something that I hope shines through in my writing.

Has anyone made you take notice?