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I have a nine-year-old daughter that helps me quite a bit throughout the day and today while I was putting on my mascara, I was thinking how lucky I was to have her. This was reinforced as the eighteen month old, stole my Chapstick and smeared cherry red across her face and the shower door. Without my oldest, my daily to-do list wouldn’t shrink. There are so many things she does, she plays with her siblings, will help them when they can’t reach items, and helps clean their messes, which allows me to focus on dinner, homework help, household chores and other items.

As usual, I transitioned this to my novel and I wondered how my MC would discuss possible suspects, solutions or move the story along without any secondary characters? It’s an easy answer, my story would languish, it would lack tension, and overall it would stink. Sometimes I focus so much on the main character that I forget to give attention to the other characters and I don’t pick up on it until I revise the chapter. I wondered if I was the only one.

Am I?