Early in January, I bit the bullet and joined Sisters in Crime. An official group that has members whom are published and unpublished authors, librarians, and mystery/thriller readers. I joined one of their sub groups the Guppies not sure what to expect. The Guppies are a group of unpublished or recently published authors who are sharing their journey together and I must admit, I’m pleasantly surprised by what I’ve learned. 

The group mostly communicates through a yahoo group meaning that most of their comments are through emails. I wasn’t prepared for how active they were and had to quickly set up a system to manage all of their correspondences. Some of the emails are member updates, but quite a few are writing questions or problems and because you are on the list, you get the benefit of hearing the answers. The members also switch manuscripts with other members for a critique and I just read that you can contact one member to get in a critique group. Of course that interests me, although, I’m not quite there yet. Another advantage is that they offer classes and I’ve been able to access through the main SinC site, videos of speakers and other resources. I must say both groups are wealth of information.

Overall I’m very impressed and can’t wait to become more involved with them. So to all of you who aren’t sure about joining a group that fits your genre, I say take the leap of faith and who knows you might just be as happy as I am.