“Two-thirds of writing is revising.” If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know that I’m in the revision process and that quote speaks to my inner angst-ridden writer soul. I’m slashing scenes, adding dialogue, and changing the course of the plot. I’m trying to get it completely finished by mid February so that a family member, who is a technical writer, can catch my grammatical mistakes. Here is the problem: I’m only seventy pages into a three hundred page manuscript and I can’t seem to get past it because I’m changing from first person point of view (POV) to third person POV and change a large portion of the plot.

Here’s a look at my word count over a one week period, where I’ve written/revised at least two hours each day. The numbers represent the word count for that day’s work: Monday-80,553; Tuesday-80,321; Wednesday-81,105; Thursday-80,979; Friday-81,512; Saturday-81,397.  Do you see the pattern? It’s cut a scene or a chapter and then write, write, and write.

If you ever thought that it’d be easy to sit down and whip out a well-written novel, let me tell you it takes lots of tears, mounds of determination, and the ability to plug along at the keyboard even if you don’t feel like you are accomplishing anything. But I’m not complaining because nothing in the world would convince me to give this up.