On Saturday morning I tried to log onto my internet and nothing came up. I did all the right things to make it work…unplug router box, wait ten seconds, and plug it back in. But after five unplugs, I still couldn’t get it to work. I finally broke down and contacted my provider and after a forty-five minute phone call they decided that my box was broken. They could get me a new one in 24 hours…business hours.

Say what??

Obviously they had no idea how plugged in, I was. To be honest, I had no idea. But now that I’m up and running I can admit that I’m attached by a computer umbilical cord. As I ran my errands, spent time with my family and edited my novel, I felt like I was a blind person in a seeing world. I just knew that there were important things I was missing out on like maybe one of the Kardashians getting married and divorced. But seriously, I really missed it when I sat down to edit my manuscript. Normally, I listen to Pandora and use the internet to check facts or geography, but this weekend that was a no-can-do. I use it on Sunday to get information for my Sunday school class I teach, but not this Sunday. And I realized that I really do use it to keep in touch with my family, more than the phone. Last night I felt so disconnected that I called my dad, who has the pulse on the fam just to make sure I didn’t miss out on something important.

However, I also realized that I waste quite a bit of time, checking things that aren’t necessary to my life, like twitter, OMG, and the yahoo updates. Because of this fabulous experience, I started reading and finished a whole book, wrote two new chapters, and spent time with the family where I was more engaged since I wasn’t worried about watching the Hunger Games movie trailer. From now on, I plan to limit some of those activities, but not all, because you never know when something really important might happen, like Reese Weatherspoon getting a new haircut.