I read a blog post from an author who judges four different writing contests and she commented on some of the problems she sees in manuscripts. Of course, I was interested since I’m still waiting to hear the feedback from the one I entered and one of her comments reinforced an issue that an agent expressed to one of my friends. It had to deal with the main character (mc) lacking emotional responses or being too reserved for the reader to connect.

I’ve repeatedly stressed about my mc because part of his personality is that he is reserved, but I don’t want him to be so reserved that readers can’t connect with him. So, I sent a request for feedback from a beta reader and it’s just as I suspected–to unemotional. His comments made me want to rush back to the beginning of the ms and start adding that layer, but I decided to finish the editing the entire manuscript before going back. I’m only halfway through because I had huge plot problems to address, but I’d already planned on doing another edit for suspense and now it appears I’ll be doing an emotional edit. Yikes and this rate I could be editing for a year. I hope that’s not the case as I would like to pitch this at the April Conference I’m attending. It looks like I’m gonna need a whole lot of work and a little luck to make that deadline.