I’ve decided to combine the advice I’ve received and finish editing this draft of the manuscript.

  • I’ll  keep my appointments with the agents and editor at the Pikes Peak Conference.
  • And when I finish, I will write down the highlights of each chapter and if they don’t fit in with the story, I’ll give them the axe.

One of my friends suggested that I might be too in love with my words and that’s why it might be hard for me to cut them. Folks, that’s not the problem. I swear it. I’m not a flowery, poetic writer, more like blunt and to the point. The problem is that I am too in love with my plot and subplot, and that’s the problem. Dang it! So, I will probably cry like a baby when I identify and delete those scenes. In fact, just thinking about it causes my eyes to mist.

I’m going to take a chance that the advice given to me is the right move for me and my manuscript. What about you? Have you heeded advice and regretted it, or appreciated it?