I know for all of the Catholics out there that right now is Lent. The time when you are preparing for Holy Week by completing some form of penitence, or at least that’s my understanding from my Catholic friends. Most of them prepare by fasting or giving up something, like chocolate or alcohol, but it has to be something that is a true sacrifice, something that is hard to live without.


Although, I’m not Catholic, I thought about what would be a sacrifice for me and instead I realized that there are things that I would never give up. (It’s embarrassing to admit this, but I transferred from Lent to selfishness in about thirty seconds.) Of course, one of them is writing. There are too many things I want from it.

I want my words read.

I want an agent.

I want to write stories that entertain.

I want to be better at editing.

I want to be more confident in my manuscript.

I want a career as a novelist.

I want to die as an old woman with a pen in my hand and a story on my mind.

What do you want?