Status Update:  Today the sun is shining and the skies are clear with only a hint of wind, which is how I feel; warm, fuzzy and willing to embrace the writing journey with only a hint of doubt.

So, it seems that the BIG never-ending debate is self-publishing versus traditional publishing and I thought I’d share my preference. For me, at this very moment, I want to go the traditional route with an agent and a publisher. There are many reasons, but the most important one being that I want to focus on writing. As a mom of three children, I have a limited amount of time. I only write when the wee ones are in bed which means nap time and at night. However, I have to balance the night hours with writing and spending time with my husband. We’ve been married for almost fourteen years and I feel blessed that I found someone who I still love to spend time with, but that causes a tug of war between my desire to write and my longing to be with him. It’s a tricky game and one that I don’t always handle correctly. So for me to focus on writing, I don’t want to spend my time on:

Finding/hiring an editor

Book Cover Illustrations

Marketing-speaking to bookstores for book placement, mass advertisements, finding book bloggers, etc.


Contract negotiations

Learning Curve-learning all of the aforementioned, plus anything I haven’t heard discussed

In a traditional path, all of those aspects and more are handled by a team of people, meaning that with my limited time and knowledge that I would probably never get to write. However, this doesn’t mean that my mind won’t change. I’m keeping it open along with one eye on the industry, but for now I’m happy with the path I’ve chosen.

What about you? Self-publish or Traditional publishing?