Status Update: Outside is gloomy and sleeting (not a word, but it should be), but I’m optimistic that I’ll get some editing in, even though I’m missing my prime time writing slot for a lunch with an out-of-town friend. I ran four miles this morning, in the cold, misty wind and if I can do that, I can WRITE!


When I was a manager, I left every evening with my desk clean, except for a folder with my to-do list and a printout of emails that needed to be answered. The next morning when I arrived, I’d fill my cup with water, make my oatmeal and eat while perusing my to do list. By the time I finished breakfast, I had a plan of what to complete before the day was through. Did I do this every morning? Yes, most of the time. I know that this makes me appear to be a mental case, but it really did make me a more productive employee.

Some of those habits have transferred to my desk at home. I don’t always leave my desk as immaculate as I did when I worked, but it is fairly clean and I do have a precise set of items that I need for me to work on my manuscript. Here is a list of them.

1. A Big-Gulp size cup of water, can be with or without ice.

2. My calendar that my daughter made for me that I use to track my word and page count. (One of the few items left on my desk.)

3. A pack of Extra Classic Bubble gum. Yes, I do chomp, pop, and smack my gum in between blowing bubbles. Not a pretty site or sound. I chew about 9 pieces per hour.

4. Eye glasses.

5. Hot pink skull candy ear phones. The ones that tuck behind your ear with an ear bud.

6. My Pandora station that matches songs to Keri Hilson, Usher, Adele, Josh Groban, Alicia Keys, Susan Boyle, Leona Lewis, and Macy Gray. Anything more uptempo than that and I find myself paying more attention to the music than my manuscript.

7. A Thesaurus. The computer one does not always have what I need.

So that is my neurotic list of necessary writing items. Do you have one?