A friend emailed me a blog link, thinking that I’d be interested. And she was right. One night, I clicked on the link and read it not realizing that the link was a post from November 2nd. HOLY COW!! The author spoke to my writer soul and made my neurons sizzle like butter in a hot pan. Normally, I can lay my head on the pillow and crash within a few minutes. It’s what three kids will do to you, but after reading, it took me a whole hour to fall asleep. And the next morning, in the shower, I had an epiphany about my character, so intense, that my eyes leaked tears. I am not kidding.

The post talks about getting the writer to connect with their real life experiences that unknowingly forms the raw material for their manuscript. I had no idea I incorporated my personal feelings from the sudden passing of my mother-in-law to my main character until that aha moment in the shower. (The shower is one of my favorite places to brainstorm. It’s quiet, I’m relaxed, and my thoughts wander across a blank canvass.)

You can’t plan for these moments and you can’t force them, believe me I’ve tried to bribe them with chocolate and other presents. They come when they are ready and you have to be prepared to embrace that gift. You know what? The same friend who gave me the blog, had her aha moment at church. Gotta love the irony of a horror/paranormal writer getting a little help from above.

Where have you experienced an aha moment?