So, I have had my aunt, uncle and thirty-three year old cousin visiting since Friday. They leave tomorrow and then I will have another cousin arrive Wednesday morning. I love my family and like them visiting, but with the conference a few short weeks away, I want to focus on my writing, which is hard to do when you are hosting. Oh and did I mention my kids are starting their two-week spring break on Monday. Because of this, my stress is heavy, feels like I’m Atlas balancing the world on my shoulders. My body is exhibiting signs. On my lip is a puss filled puffy cold sore. The second one in two weeks. And I’ve been having headaches. However, I realize that if I’m published that life will get in the way of my deadlines and I will have to continue to work through them. So, I will continue to soldier on.

What prohibits you from writing and how do you respond?