Status Update: I lost 1 1/2 hours of work on my synopsis. I did not cry! But my eyes misted.

The other day, I read a blog by another writer trying to get published and s/he (I can’t remember where I found it.) repeated advice she heard from an agent. “Writers should not be blogging to other writers. They need to build their platform from people who will want to read their book when it comes out.” The agent suggested that if they wrote about Italy, then they should dedicate their posts to topics on Italy, i.e. wine, food, popular destinations. At first, I was upset. I love my fellow writers and I love taking this journey with them. But after a lot of pondering. A. Lot. Of. Pondering. I came to the following conclusion.

In theory I agree with her. And I can see how that would work for some genres. However, I write crime fiction/thriller/mystery. Logically, I can’t kill somebody or commit a crime and I’m not a criminalist¬†or a law enforcement specialist. Although, I do have people in my life who help me on these topics, but it wouldn’t be fair for me to beg them to write posts for me, now would it? So that leaves me where? I do have other interests besides writing, but they would build the wrong type of readership. So as of right now, I have not figured out how to solve the quandary. For the time being I will continue to write about my journey and if by some miracle an answer comes from above, I’ll give it a try.

What do you think? Should you only blog to people who will read your published novel?