Okay, so here is the low down on Kristin Nelson’s webinar. It lasted for two hours instead of the originally planned one and a half. Why??? Because she provided verbal feedback to people brave enough to read or submit some of their letter online. (Yes, I volunteered, but wasn’t chosen.) I had a few technical difficulties due to user error. I know, I know that is a common problem for me, but this one had to do with reading directions…very embarassing.  The good thing is that I’ll have access to it for the next year. A valuable resource for any writer.

Here is what I learned:

  • Read directions in the email provided before the webinar–and that means at least a day or two before, not ten minutes.
  • Before you start your query letter, identify the catalyst of your story. How do you do that? Kristin provided an easy answer; What is the event that starts your character(s) on the journey? Now write a sentence with your catalyst in it. Usually, this will be your logline/tagline.
  • Build around your sentence by using one of three methods or a combination of them. Her methods: Use back story elements, use other character insights, or use inter-related plot elements.
  • End with a few sentences about you. **Stuff that is relevant to writing. If you are writing about an actor, than include that you have theater/film experience. But don’t include you have a dog name spot or three kids.

Kristin provided us time to try and write eight or nine sentences using what we learned and I have to tell you that it made it way easier to write. In fact, I submitted my new and improved query letter to Lauren Ruth’s blog. (She critiques query letters.)  I’m crossing my fingers that mine will be chosen and that the feedback will be positive. I’m also hoping that she will critique it before my conference as Kristin said that you should use parts of your query letter to pitch.

Overall, I’d recommend attending a future webinar from Kristin Nelson. I am sure you will find it helpful, insightful, and well worth the money.