On Mother’s Day of 2011, my husband gave me an awesome present. An Ipad. A great idea in theory. However, I’m a voracious reader and a fast one. This has proven to be a deadly combo on my wallet as I downloaded the apps for Nook, Ibook (?), and the Kindle. This has allowed me unlimited access to books. I’ve bought more books since I’ve received my Ipad, due to the easy access. So, since this is such a big part of me. I thought I’d share the books I read. But know this, most of them will fall in the Mystery/Thriller genre, unless it is one from my two book clubs. So without further ado.

  I can sum up Storming Heaven in one word. Captivating! It is the story of a kidnapped girl  and the FBI agent who tries to find her. I loved the agent. He is trying to overcome his bad habits, ones that we can all identify with; drinking, smoking, and not exercising. He is also rash and brash, but he has this vulnerability that pulls you to him. Because of him and his three-dimensional characters, the story made me mist up and outright laugh.  If you are looking for a fun, fast paced story then I’d recommend Storming Heaven.

One warning for Ereaders. There were a lot of typos and some formatting glitches.