So, I have to admit that I do care what people think about it me. This became apparent when I ran this week. I have this beautiful open area that I can run on. There are very few houses and it overlooks the Aurora Reservoir. Absolutely gorgeous!! However, the teens in this area like to use it for afternoon parties and trysts. Recently, a friend of mine was hit by a drunk teen while riding her bike back there and because of this, I refuse to run in the remote area if I can see a car. (It helps that my windows have a view of it.)

Earlier this week, it was empty of people, so I ran it. Twenty minutes into it, I hit my third hill, it is a steep one with another right behind it. I pushed myself up the first, but when it came to the second, I walked. Fast forward to three days later, I’m running on the sidewalks and I have to run three consecutive hills that are much steeper than the one in the open space. I push my way through ALL THREE of them because so many cars are driving pass me and I don’t want to be seen as a “quitter” by my neighbors and friends. Pathetic isn’t it? The funny thing is I am a hypocrite when it comes to other struggling runners. I’m always more lenient with them.

Do you behave differently if you know others are watching?