This week the only thing on my mind is the PPWC Conference. Since I’m a writer’s conference virgin, I’ve probably over prepared in some areas and under prepared in others. I thought I’d break my thoughts into two groups; worried about, and excited about.


Worried About:

  • Sounding uninformed and moronic
  • Messing up my pitch (yes, I decided to keep it.)
  • Getting lost in the conference (Sounds stupid, but directions and I do not get along. Sometimes, I get lost in my own house.)
  • Not having all of the appropriate documentation, like the first page of my ms for a critique session.


Excited About:

  • I’ve already made plans to meet up with people who are on the Pikes Peak Yahoo group. I’m very excited to meet them and I hope I don’t come off like a stalker. Yes, I’m overly chipper, exuberant, and prone to putting my size eight foot in my mouth. Hopefully, I’ll keep my poise and dignity during our meeting.
  • Hearing the presentations and learning more about my craft
  • Meeting other writers
  • Meeting Agents

I’m sure there are more, but I’ve got to get back to polishing my pitch and manuscript.

If you have attended a conference did you feel prepared?

Or what do you think is the most important thing to do to prepare for a conference, besides have a completed manuscript?