Since I was a conference virgin, I have nothing to compare it too. However, if you ever get a chance to attend a Pikes Peak Writing Conference–GO! Today, I will give you three reasons.

1. You get to officially and unofficially pitch to agents.

2. You get to learn about the craft.

3. You meet fellow writers.

Friday day, I attended a practice your pitch workshop and one of the PPWC staffers, helped me hone my pitch. He rocked it and should probably teach a seminar on the technique. That night at dinner, I unofficially pitched to an agent that appears to be a Demi-God in the agenting world. I’d heard of him and had read one of his books, but I didn’t realize how much other writers wanted to hear the words “send me ___ pages of your manuscript,” until he told me to send 50 pages. The word spread quickly through the staff members of the conference and I had people who I hadn’t met yet, congratulating me. Yes, I was flying high.

However, the next day at my official pitch, I was shaking worse than a leaf in the wind. I knew that my twenty-second pitched work, but what would I say to fill the remaining eight minutes. I received more advice from my staffer friend and used it to answer the questions posed to me from the agent. Imagine my surprise, when I found out that she too wanted me to send fifty pages.

So, I am spending the next six weeks scrubbing my ms shiny. Because of this my posts will not be as long.

If you’ve attended a conference, what did you learn? And if you haven’t gone to one yet, would you attend?