Category: Young Adult

This is story is interwoven through an old Persian tale about Shahrazad. A king betrayed by his wife, kills her. Afraid that he will be betrayed again, he kills his new wife the morning after he marries her. When he takes Shahrazad to wife, she tells him a story but stops in the middle. intrigued, the king keeps her alive the next night so she can finish the story. She does, but starts another one and leaves him hanging again. According to the legend, she does this over a thousand nights sparing village girls the fate of marrying the king.

Shadow Spinner introduces Marjann, a crippled village girl who is also a storyteller. Marjan is selling wares in the palace with her auntie and entertains the children with a story. When Shahrazad’s sister hears it, she drags Marjan to Shahrazad. Shahrazad has run out of stories and asks Marjan for a new one. Marjan gives her one that she heard from an old blind man in the bazaar. It turns out that the king loves the story and wants to hear the rest. Marjan is taken to live in the palace and Shahrazad asks for the rest of the story for she has promised the king she will tell it to him. Marjan doesn’t know the rest. Marjan will risk her life to find the man and get the rest of the story to Shahrazad.

Review: This is a fun easy read. The characters are intriguing and suck you into the story right away. They leave you spellbound until the last word. I would have liked to have seen more action, but overall a good story. Three stars