Last week, I changed two major plot points, which required me to follow the threads through the first two hundred and sixty pages. Painful but necessary. On Saturday, I realized that the last one hundred pages will need to be scrapped and that I will be writing it from scratch. I’ve outlined fifty pages of it, a first for me since I write by the seat of my pants. I feel confident that it will make it a stronger ending and a better manuscript over all.

I’m hoping that making these changes before sending the first fifty pages to the two agents who requested them is a wise move. I know that right now they only want fifty pages, but I want to be prepared if they want the whole ms. Maybe I’m putting the horse before the cart. Maybe I should just send them the fifty pages and continue with scrubbing the rest while they take their time reading it. Although, I have a friend who sent her first thirty and twenty minutes later, the agent requested the entire ms. So, maybe I should have the whole thing ready before sending the first fifty pages. I can’t seem to find a clear path. Maybe one decision isn’t better than another.

If you were in my shoes what would you do?