It was last May that I decided to take writing seriously. That I would try to get this manuscript published. It was also when I realized that I wanted to be a career author, one who wrote until she died. Before this, I had only written thirty pages of this story, which of course, are no longer included. So, I parked my tush in a chair and wrote the first draft, which I completed in November. I loved writing my plot and my characters. And I loved watching the story come alive.

However, now that I’m a year out, I can say that I’m sick of my characters and my plot. I want to be done with it and move on to the other story that is pushing to get out. But I am not done. I need to polish and make it sparkle. What I realized is that no matter how sick of this manuscript I am, I will stay with it until it is done. If I stuck with my old habits, I would have left them to die in the dredges of my hard drive and started on a new manuscript. However, I know that if I took that path, I would regret it. That I would let myself down. So, I continue to park my tush in the chair and work on finishing it.

Have you ever wanted to shelve your manuscript? Why and what did you do?