A while back I joined the Sisters in Crime organization. (No, we don’t commit crimes. It’s a support group for mystery/thriller reader/writers.) One of the major reasons was because they have a sub group that helps mentor writers called the Guppies. There are many perks to being a Guppy, but the one I wanted to take advantage of was the critique group composed of all thriller/mystery writers. And finally it has happened. *Cue the heavenly music and the spotlight beaming down from above.*

We are still in our infancy. In fact, we just barely uploaded our first ten pages. However, I’ve had the opportunity to read the other four member’s pages. There is one member who writes brilliantly. Her writing is crisp, clear, and engaging. It reads like an already published book. After I read her work, I almost jumped up and down. I was saying “WOWZA”, “Holy Freaking Cow,”A-M-A-Z-I-N-G”, and my personal favorite that my mother hates, “Crap On A Cracker”. I was also thinking, “I want to write like that. I want to be that good.” Of course, it also led to a little self-doubt, but I’m still saying “You go, girl”, to her. I know that one day the world will get to read her words, her story, and when you do, be prepared to say, “Holy Freaking Cow.”