As I’ve said before, I have an active imagination and a mere hint of a suggestion will send me down the path. I know this about myself, but I still yield to its wily ways. It happened recently. This week I went to the doctor for a growth knowing that it is most likely a cyst. I tend to be a cystic person. However, this doctor is not my normal doc., he is a plastic surgeon. (Due to the location of the growth my personal doc referred me to him for blood control.) And he said, “I’m 98% sure that this isn’t cancer, but I’m going to have a pathologist available for immediate testing. This will make sure that I don’t need to complete a more extensive surgery.” Of course, he said this three times in our twenty-minute evaluation. Now, I still feel that this surgery is going to go great, BUT now I have doubt and something I wasn’t even thinking of, is lurking in the back of my head.

This happens to me as a reader and as a writer. However, I subconsciously include little hints that will take my reader down the wrong path and I won’t discover them until I’m editing. It’s wonderful. What about you? Do you find that there are things that you do or pertain to your life and they affect your writing?

**I have company all next week. Blogging may be spotty or not occur.