I am lucky for many reasons, one of them is that I get to be a stay-at-home mom to my three kids. I love it and for the most part enjoy it. However, I miss using my creative/critical thinking skills in a challenging way. The other day, I realized that since I started seriously writing again I feel more fulfilled.

During the day, there are times that my brain wanders. It might be when I’m folding laundry or cleaning the kitchen. When this occurs, I find myself living inside my stories that I’ve created. I’m building a new character with quirks and problems or delving into the reasons why my antagonist is so evil. I get to think about premises and scenery, conflict and story arcs, and so many other things that make up a manuscript. These times in my head are joyous, illuminating, and fulfill my need to be creative. That is why I write.

Why do you write?