In my last post I said I wouldn’t make any changes unless the advice came from a professional. I put the statement out there in the Universe and the Universe responded. I received my first rejection. It reminded me of a grease burn I received this spring. You know the feeling. Where the skin still feels like it is burning long after the initial burn.  Well, that is how I felt after I read the agent’s response.

Here is the kicker, I wasn’t mad because I agreed with the feedback he provided and if he wouldn’t think of me as a stalker, I’d write back and thank him. Here’s what he said:

“Your novel has the stylistic feel of a high-octane thriller, with all the acronyms and ordnance one could want. (Your main character)is an okay protagonist…and for me that’s the issue: He’s just okay. The plot moves along, but isn’t too terribly surprising or intriguing. The villain we meet in your opening, feels to me somewhat standard issue.

Overall, I’d say you’ve got a great commercial thriller style in search of a hero, who displays more strength and flair, as well as a story with a meaner bite.”

Ouch, right? After I got over the initial sting, I had to agree with him and you know what? It liberated me to take risks that I was too scared to take. So yes, I’ve made changes to my protagonist, to my antagonist, and I’m working on making the manuscript a “meaner bite”.

Oh and if you’re wondering about the other agent, I haven’t received a response yet.