I can already tell that blogging will be spotty this summer. Besides, making changes to the previous work in progress, I am writing a new manuscript. Also, I have my three kids home for the summer. It is going to be hard to write and blog. And for me, writing takes priority.

I still haven’t heard from the other agent and I’m working on incorporating the suggestions from the first. I will let you know when/if I hear anything from the other one.

After I make the changes, I am going to work on my query letter. This is difficult for me as I don’t know what to put into the letter that will catch the agent’s attention. I know some writers excel at this, and one of them is a friend of mine. Hopefully, she’ll help me get it polished.

As you can see, I will be attending to the summer hoopla with my kids and trying to balance writing.

What are your writing plans for the summer?