This weekend, I booked our trip to Las Vegas for my hubby’s 40th birthday. I’m excited for it, even though it isn’t until September. There are so many reasons to be thrilled. No kids. We are going to zipline through downtown. No kids. We are going to see some of the shows. No kids. We will be sleeping in. No kids. We are going to a shooting range. The last one is my favorite. It is more of a gift to me than to my hubby as he isn’t a fan of guns, but he has a client who owns a shooting range in Vegas and this client has asked hubby to come and see him. Soooo, we are going. It’s going to be a gift that keeps on giving, cuz a mystery/thriller writer should know how to handle guns.

Writing Status-I just wrote a “mean scene” for new WIP. And still working on making the other one meaner. No news from the second agent. I’m starting to think that she has just written me off…we’ll see.