My husband made a comment to me the other day that really summed up how I felt. He said, “Everything in your life is in limbo.” I couldn’t have said it better.

My aunt bounced back from the grave, but is still expected to pass away. It isn’t a question of if, only when. I’m starting to think waiting for someone to die is harder than experiencing an unexpected death.

As for my writing, I’ve sent queries to four additional agents and I am waiting for their responses. Also, I haven’t heard from the agent who requested 50 pages. I am starting to think I ended up in the trash or spam void. However, I am taking this great Characterization class by Kris Neri and have made vast improvements in my MC and writing. I cut out five chapters in the beginning. So, there is an upside if I have to resubmit to her.

That is how I’m doing, what about you?