Okay, so I spent the summer revising, revising and more revising. And querying, querying, and more querying. Hmmm, I have to say that I’ve learned quite a few things, but I will save that for another post. Because today, I am going to focus on the numbers, some official and some subjective.

This summer,I have done three major re-writes. I am talking major changes, people. Why? Well, the lucky few times I received actual feedback from agents, they all mentioned that while the writing is good, “there is no sense of urgency or what is at stake. Both are absolute requirements for a thriller.” That was the last feedback I received and I was disappointed, but grateful for it because I wasn’t sure what was wrong. So, it sent me back to the keyboard and I think I finally got it right…Here’s hoping.

This is one of the hardest things about writing because you rarely get feedback and are left to guessing as to what caused the rejection. Was it the query letter? The few sample pages? The characters? The plot? The reasons are endless. But as of today, these are my numbers:

Queries Sent: 45

They weren’t all sent at once, but in batches. The query season started with me sending two partials to the agents who requested them from the conference. On that same day, I submitted two queries to other agents.  After I received feedback from one of the agents (in 2 days, I had no idea that was unusual), I stopped and made changes before submitting again. This time I received a request for 50 pages and sent them off, expecting the best. Hopes were dashed and I figured that I hadn’t quite nailed it. So some more revising and another batch was sent. A few quick rejections arrived but were based on the query letter only (which has been revised multiple times too). It wasn’t until another agent gave me the last feedback that I realized that I hadn’t gotten it right, not yet. With fingers and toes crossed, I revised again and sent out another batch.

Rejections: 16–that includes one no answer means no (namn). Minus the namn, thirteen of them were form rejections, leaving only two with feedback.

Partial Requests: 2 from the workshop, 1 from the query letter.

Full Requests: Still waiting for this elusive step.

Requests to have an agent represent me: Can’t get here without the step above being completed. So it’s a big fat 0.

However, as of right now, I am not giving up, but I am starting to wonder at what point should I put it aside and work on my other WIP?

What do you think?