Here is the most important thing I learned this summer;

You have to take the journey to learn the lessons.

Seriously. It doesn’t matter how well read you are, or how well-informed you are, or if you have a family member in the business (well, that might help). It all boils down to taking the journey. Each of us has our own lessons to learn.

One of mine is patience.

I use to work in Finance where everything had to be handled right then because prices were changing every second. Now that I’m making the transition to full-time writer, everything seems to run on island time, meaning “relax mon”. Problem is I don’t relax well. It took me six months to write my novel and I thought that was forever. It wasn’t. I had no idea what forever meant until I started editing it and that processes took me nine months (and I’m still working on it).

But the worst waiting game so far is the query process. With my first experience, I was spoiled and received a response 48 hours after submitting it and now I can’t wrap my brain around the 6-8 week timeframe. I know that these agents are inundated with letters, but in my little world, I am the only letter and they should respond to it at least within a week. But guess what? From my┬álimited understanding of their job,┬áthat rarely happens. So, I’ve had to learn to quit checking my email every thirty minutes. Now, I try to check it only 3 times a day. Although yesterday, I checked it 8 times. (Yes, I’m a little hopeful…neurotic.)

The upside to having to wait is that I’ll be prepared for the next part of my journey, because I hear that is another waiting game.

While taking this journey, what’s one thing you’ve learned?

Query Update: Yesterday–2 Rejections; one in the morning and one in the late afternoon. I ate two double chocolate brownies to compensate.