Query Update: One rejection from a query letter sent on July 29th. (Anything prior to August 14th, I expect to get rejected.)

And that makes me nervous. Last week, I queried twenty-eight agents, some who have proven on querytracker.net that they are fast responders for positive and negative feedback. (I love this site and recommend it to anyone who is getting ready to query.) And I’ve only received one response.  Usually, I try not to read into these things because there can and are a bazillion reasons as to the time it takes for them to respond. However, I’m sitting her scratching my head and wondering why only one out of twenty-eight has emailed me back. As an optimistic person, I’m thinking that there might be a chance I’m in the maybe pile. The ones that aren’t a definite yes or no answer and I think that is awesome because it’s step in the right direction.

What do you think, am I being too optimistic?