Don’t you just love the title for today’s post? It belongs to this great website that is for authors and it offers all sorts of perks. I didn’t even know it existed until I was reading the comment section on my fave website where a half a dozen authors were talking about submitting partials or fulls to an agent due to a contest. Awesome, right? I wanted to play too, so I went to the website they referenced and signed up. You can sign up for the basic membership, like I did, it’s free, or for thirty bucks you can get the premium membership. Here’s what you get for the basic membership:

Participate in free online courses. For example, “Edit Like A Pro-YA Edition”. From Sept 1st to November 15th. Free to basic members.


Contests/Pitch Events-The one all of the authors were talking about was to the Seymour Agency and all they had to do was list their name, genre, word count, and include the first 250 words of their novel in the comment section. From that, the agent requested over a dozen partials or fulls. She loved the writing of one author so much, that although she wasn’t looking for that genre, she told the author if she had any romance novels to send them to her. (It was free.)

Of course, they offer more to the premium members and maybe one day I might want to do that, but for now I’m content with the basic membership. If you haven’t checked it out, what are you waiting for, click on the link above and if you like it, let me know why in the comment section of this post.