I had the opportunity to visit The Gun Store while in Vegas. It’s a great retail store and shooting range and we were treated like VIP. I’d recommend it for anyone looking to shoot or buy a gun and the prices were reasonable.

When we arrived they gave us a tour of the facility and a flyer that had all of their packages listed. I chose to fire a single gun–a sig sauer 220. The gun that the secret service carry. After we signed the waiver, they gave us safety glasses and plastic ear muffs (I’m not sure what to call them.) And led us to our room. From what I’ve heard, normally you shoot in an area where all paying customers are located, but because they are my husband’s client they gave us the hook up. After the safety speech which I paid strict attention to, I went first.

He gave me the weapon and told me to wrap my right hand around it first and then “kiss” my left hand palm to it. It was awkward for me and too big for my hands, which fit in the average category, but I tried my best to make it work. I fired the first shot and hit the ceiling.

I fired the remaining shots in the clip and realized that I was closing my eyes. The second clip was better, but between the recoil and my small hands, it was awkward and scary to shoot.  To be honest, I hated it and I never want a gun in my house, ever.

The Gun Store Ranger we were working with surprised us with a gift, an automatic gun called the SAW. It’s used by the military and I can see why, Maximum damage for minimal shooting. However, it’s huge and has to use a pod (think camera tripod, but with only two legs) when shooting. This one I loved. It was fast, quick, no recoil and it fit me perfectly, but it’s not practical to carry around.

Here’s what I learned. Although I knew that guns were meant to kill, I didn’t really experience that until I held the Sig in my hand and it scared the #$%! out of me. To swipe Spider-Man’s saying “With great power comes great responsibility.” I believe in the second amendment that we should be allowed to keep and bear arms, but I worry about the type of arms allowed to be kept. Seriously, who needs a SAW??? Only someone intent on extreme destruction.

What do you think about guns? Have you fired one?

One of our friends took pictures, when I get them, I will post.