I’m co-hosting a baby shower with four other people. I know that is unusual, but this person has tried to get pregnant for over eight years and along the way has hosted many baby showers. Anyway, that’s not the point. What I’m irritated about is people who feel they need special attention. There is one person in this group who wants me to call her instead of using her email. She has email and she uses it. So, now as I’m arranging the baby shower, I have to call her and explain what is being sent in the emails. Hello…..we all are busy and using the phone for me is hard with three kiddos as they think it is prime mommy time when I’m on the phone.

So, this person got me thinking about my MC and her pet peeves. One of them is she hates to be called crazy. Even though I have more than one pet peeve, I’ve decided to include another one for my MC. I think it will give her additional dimension because after all, we all have pet peeves.

What is your MC’s pet peeves? Or if you aren’t a writer, what are your pet peeves?

Writing Update: Wrote 900 wrods on Friday and another 900 on Saturday.