I know I didn’t blog Friday. Since, I’ve been blogging for 13 months, I’m running out of writerly things to share, so while I continue on my journey to get published, I thought I’d write about other things too.

This month, is Bullying Prevention Awareness and it is something close to my heart. (Living near Columbine and having a gay uncle, makes this issue important to me.) When I think about this, usually, I reflect on my school days, but bullying doesn’t only occur there. Lately, there have been articles all over the internet about adult bullying.

  • I posted one about authors bashing other authors.
  • There was another incident involving a woman who had facial hair.
  • The actress from Saved By The Bell was on the receiving end for posting her support for her political views.

I don’t agree with everything these people (who are on the recieving end of the bullies) are saying and I’m not defending their “platform”, but bullying is not a synonym for criticism.

It appears to me that our culture embraces this behavior. All we have to do is look at television or radio for examples. The extreme political tv and radio hosts, like Rush Limbaugh (there are democratic ones too), who lamblast politician’s and their fellow hosts. They intimidate, talk over, or insult their “guests” who express opposing viewpoints. And what are the consequences to these rude hosts? Money and prime time slots. Those consequences send a message to the public saying it is okay to coerce or abuse people, in other words–bullying is acceptable.

Unfortunately, this is problem is pervasive in other areas too. The most prevalent–the internet. It appears people hide behind faceless internet names and feel anonymous enough to post abusive comments that probably wouldn’t be said face to face.

I’m not sure what the answer is, but I think it lies within each of us. If we band together and speak up when people are bullying, then maybe we can change our cultural acceptance of this intolerable act.

What do you think?