October is a busy month for awareness. The one I want to discuss is the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. I’m glad it’s out there and that it has the support of soooo many people, but what about the other cancers?

At the age of thirty-eight, my cousin succumbed to brain cancer leaving four kids. Her mother died in her forties of ovarian cancer and she left eight kids. And if you’ve read my posts, you know I have an aunt who has lived with me since I was five dying of bone cancer. What about them? What about their cancers and the millions of others who are suffering from a disease just as horrendous as breast cancer?

I propose that we make October Cancer Awareness Month and that we all wear green ribbons. (Green, to me, represents life/renewal.)  Maybe if we do, then there will be more hope for all cancer patients.

P.S.: I finished my post and went to look for a picture of a green ribbon and found out that someone else had the same idea as me. Green ribbons do represent cancer. Funny, huh?