This is the longest I’ve gone without posting and I apologize. First, my family and I were called to my aunt’s bedside and as usual she lasted longer than her doctors expected. She so wanted to live, but unfortunately passed away on October 27th. Damn cancer! We had a lovely funeral here in Colorado and then four days later, a graveside service in Utah where her casket now resides. I can’t seem to completely stop the tears as they still continue to pop up unexpectedly, like now.

The second thing is the germs hit the Dahl household in ferocious force. On the Sunday after the funeral (and my birthday), I contracted Strep. The systemic kind where I had chills, bone and joint pain, abdominal cramping, ear aches and of course the sore throat. Because of all the symptoms the doctors didn’t catch it until Tuesday morning where they promptly gave me a penicillin prescription. The pills and Advil eased the pain enough for me to fly to Utah for the graveside service, although I had to wear a mask because I was still contagious. My sister said I looked like a SARS person from Asia, but I was too sick to really care. When I returned home, I had to take the toddler to the doctor for an ear infection. Since then, the other two children have had some variation of a cold that knocks them out for at least 36 hours. As I type this, my seven-year old is lying upstairs in bed sleeping. Therefore, I’ve decided the Dahl household has received our share of the winter germs and I’m putting that declaration out into the universe. (Not that I’m hoping someone else will get our share. I just want all future germs to bypass our home.)

The third reason I haven’t written or blogged is because I think I’m suffering from mild depression and the desire to write is so faint that it can’t kick the doldrums out-of-the-way. I’m not sure what to do. I was kinda hoping that if I blogged about it that maybe it would ramp up the passion to a deafening roar. Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

If you’ve ever been in the position where it was hard to get back to writing, what did you do?