Last summer when I was querying for DEMOLITION (my then WIP), I wondered how many queries did an agent receive in a day, a month, and a year. Finally, I have numbers for one agent (whom I didn’t query because she doesn’t represent my genre). Agent Sarah LaPolla of Curtis Brown posted the following 2012 numbers on her blog.

Total queries received in 2012: 3,914

Total manuscripts requested from those queries: 71

Most requested genres: YA Contemporary and Adult Literary Fiction

Second most requested genres: Adult Literary Mystery/Suspense and YA Horror

Least requested genres: MG and Adult Memoir

Total clients signed from the 2012 slush pile: 2

Wow! So, in theory I was the proverbial needle in the haystack, but even knowing those numbers isn’t going to stop me from continuing to write my current WIP. Eventually, I hope to belong to the category of total clients signed and be one of the 2 lucky authors.

What about you? Are those daunting numbers enough to dissuade you from writing?