Yesterday’s writing was an excercise in patience. I’ve finally changed the entire WIP from third person point of view to first person and I like it better, but I’ve spent so much time on it that I lost the momentum I had going.  I don’t have time to cultivate momentum as I only write during nap time which can be anywhere from one to three hours,. However, yesterday, my toddler couldn’t sleep more than an hour because she kept coughing and I kept checking on her by leaving my desk to go listen to the baby monitor. By the time she fully awoke, I’d only written a little over seven hundred words.


Even if I’d had another hour, I don’t think I would have written much more because I couldn’t think of where my character needed to go next. Um, hello? Usually, I have a bazillion places for her to go and it’s trying to figure out which one is right for her story. So, what do I do when I need inspiration? Either I work out or I take a bath. Right now, I’m still sick and not able to breathe well enough to work out, but thankfully, I was able to squeeze in an hour bath last night and now I’m gearing up to write. Thank goodness because it’s like Barry Eisler says, (I’m paraphrasing) if you want to be a serious writer than you need to keep writing.