I am so sleep deprived!! For the last three days AND nights, I’ve been watching my sister’s nine week old baby while she had surgery/recovered from it. She is a great baby, calm for most of the time and she only wakes up twice a night. However because I have three children of my own who are active, I haven’t been able to sleep during the day when the baby sleeps. I have learned, the hard way, that having babies is for the young.

In three days, I look as if I haven’t slept in a decade and I appear (might possibly smell) homeless. Like sleep, showering or brushing your teeth is a luxury. I don’t dare leave the baby alone even in my bedroom as I am on constant watch because my almost three-year old is enamored with the baby and thinks it is her responsibility to give the baby everything–bottles, pacifier, blankets, diapers, hugs and kisses, whether the baby wants it or not.

And because of all of this fun chaos, my brain cannot even entertain thoughts of writing. I thought I’d be able to plot the last few chapters while I fed the little one at night, but all my brain thinks about is getting back to sleep. It even thinks about this when I’m feeding the other three breakfast or bathing the almost three-year old. So, here’s my advice, learned the hard way, if you are waiting to have a baby until you are older…don’t wait too long. There’s a reason women had babies in their twenties. The good news for me is that tonight, I’ll be sound a sleep all night long until my seven-year old gets up at 5:40 am.