There were two moments worthy of mentioning from the Oscar’s last night and they both had to do with the movie Argo. Unfortunately, due to my mini vacation, my body hasn’t adjusted to the right time zone yet, so I won’t be able to get the quotes exactly right.

  • Argo won for best screenplay adaption and Chris Terrio thanked the person who inspired the story for coming up with a non-violent solution. I wish our country would do this more often and I don’t just mean the politicians, military, or espionage agencies but the citizens as well.
  • Ben Affleck thanked those who had helped him, fifteen years ago, when they had nothing to gain by it. I feel the same way about the writer’s community. I’ve met some really nice agents and published authors who have helped me when they had nothing to gain from it. One day I hope to repay them by paying it forward.

What did you find inspiring about the Oscars?