Before I give you my viewpoint on the current debate of gun control I want to provide a few examples from my life that I think helped form my opinion.

  • For several of my formative years, I grew up on a small farm where we had goats, rabbits (not the free roaming type), and chickens. Yes, I have seen a chicken run headless, right after my dad took an axe to it.
  • As a child, I went deer hunting with my dad. We never did shoot anything and now that I’m older I’m so glad we didn’t. I don’t think I would have been okay with it. I value life too much and I don’t think I could watch an animal die by my hand.
  • In September, I went to a real shooting range (my father let me shoot his guns) for the first time and the power of the guns scared the crap out of me.
  • My roommate from College went to Columbine before “it” happened, but together we watched the news and were grateful that her little sister graduated the year before. However, it shocked us and broke our hearts.
  • After I heard about Sandy Hook I cried every time I thought about it for two weeks. To this day, my eyes mist up when I think about it.
  • I have had anxiety attacks about sending my kids to school. One day it was so bad, I almost ran after my daughter to keep her from getting on the bus. Thankfully, it was a party day at school and she would’ve been disappointed to miss it. Knowing that was the only thing that kept me in the car.

With all of that contradicting information about me do you know where I stand on the issue of gun control?


I believe in upholding the second amendment.

Although our forefathers had no idea of what our nation would look like centuries down the road, they did know what it was like to live under a monarchy without certain freedoms. We too cannot see centuries down the road and do not know what lies ahead for our posterity. Are we willing to surrender our basic rights based on a hope and a prayer that it won’t make a negative difference? Already Americans have relinquished too many rights by acting out of fear. We adopted The Patriot Act without any one person reading it in its entirety. The result is several amendments to the constitution. One of them allows the government to delay getting a warrant if it will have “adverse results”, which like most of the act is a definition left up to the interpretation of the government agency. In airports we’re required to subject ourselves to invasive searches just to get to on a plane. (Studies show that weapons still are able to get through.) And my personal favorite–we started a war and committed war crimes by torturing our captives. If we continue down this slippery path, we will soon not have any rights left. Therefore, in good conscience I cannot support anything that violates the second amendment.

What about you, how do you feel about gun control?