Usually I would describe myself as a positive person, but lately I’ve been Negative Nelly about everything including my writing and because of it I can’t seem to fix this plot point that is driving me crazy. So, instead of parking my butt in the chair and writing or at least trying to outline a fix, I’ve been ignoring it. However, I can’t continue to stick my head in the sand. I have to resolve it now and to help me I’ve eaten more sweets in the last four days than I have in the last four months. YIKES! Not sure my running will cancel the calories.

I’m grasping at anything to get me going, including reading how to books. Yesterday, I borrowed another E-book on writing. This one from Lawrence Block and he says that when he is stuck. He talks it out. So, today that’s what I’ll be doing. Talking to myself like a blathering fool while my kids nap. I’m praying it works because I’ve got nothing. Nada. (Yes, I’m trying to prolong this post because I don’t want to go talk to myself…well here goes.)

Wish me luck!