Have you ever gone to bed hungry? Missed a meal? Fasted for a whole day?

Was it voluntary?

One in eight people in the world are malnourished or starving.

If you think that is only in third world countries, guess again.

Recently, my family was at the mall food court meeting my hubby for lunch. While my daughter and I waited in line at Subway to pay for our food, a homeless guy wearing a shabby coat in sixty-eight degree weather and a holey ski cap tried to pay for his sandwich. There were two late twenty something business men standing between us and this guy and so my daughter wasn’t paying much attention to the situation. I’m not sure what exactly went down as I was listening to my daughter talking about her social life, but when I finally clued in the manager handed back the guy’s change and said, “You don’t have enough money and I can’t just give you the sandwich.” I waited a second to see what the business men, who were paying attention, would do. Wish I could say that I wasn’t disappointed, but I was. They did nothing and they didn’t even try and avert their gazes. Of course, I couldn’t let the man leave hungry and so I paid for it. (Turned out to be a good lesson for my two older kids as we discussed the situation at the table and how privileged we are as a family.)

However, I wanted to ask the two business men how much they spent on entertainment last weekend, or coffee for the week. It wasn’t like the homeless guy was buying booze or drugs, he was trying to EAT and they ignored him. Right now, it makes me want to cry thinking about it and I want to track them down and ask them what made their humanity disappear. But instead, I will have to wonder for the rest of my life at how they could ignore someone so desperately in need.

If you eat three meals a day, you are privileged.