For the last three weeks, I’ve had my life erupt and haven’t been able to focus on writing or the industry. (I’ve only written 14,000 words. UGH!) So, I’m not sure if anything specific is going on in the industry. Probably not because it moves slower than a glacier and it’s conference season. However, I’ve been thinking about choices and the consequences that come with them. I’m not talking about just bad ones either.  I’m talking about the choices that direct our lives on to a different concourse.

For instance, in college I was a nursing major and was accepted to a different school’s program, BUT I had to wait a year because they had too many students. I was already a junior and was running out of available loan money. I decided to switch my major and graduate. The consequence: I met my husband during my internship for my new major. (You do know I consider this a good thing, even after 15 years of…um…marital bliss.)

The reason I’ve been thinking about this is because my niece graduated this morning and during the ceremony I wondered about the decisions she will have to make over the next few years and how they will alter the direction of her life. Will she become the lawyer she wants to be? Will she stay single and not have kids? Those are her choices now, but she will encounter opportunities that can and will alter her path.

And of course, I’ve been thinking about how my characters and their lives are changing because of the new plot points. They are moving in ways I didn’t expect. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking too as I’m trying hard to keep them true to their nature.

I guess, what I’ve realized is that we really are a summation of our choices.

What choices have you made that altered you or the direction of your life?